Apprentices on the Job in New Mexico

Hire Apprentices

  • Train employees to fit your company culture and pace.
  • Gain reliable workers that compliment company goals and expectations.
  • Reduce turnover by creating skilled and experienced employees who are productive, flexible and dedicated.
  • Successfully train your apprentice(s) for certification to give your company a competitive edge.

Employers can hire two types of apprentices, a new hire who has no previous or current association with the company or current employees wishing to skill up beyond their current expertise.

Whether you have an established registered apprenticeship program or would like to start on-boarding apprentices, NMITAP staff will assist you through every step to ensure the successful training and skill advancement of applicants and existing employees.

Apprentices will develop an in-depth understanding of their roles in your organization and be able to use their skills to meet real business needs. As a result, dependable apprentices will increase productivity, increase profits, and ensure a high level of service or product quality.

See the kinds of apprentices you can hire.

Program Benefits

  • Assessment — we assess all apprentices to determine their job readiness.
  • Skills development and onboarding — we coach apprentices and get them ready for work.
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset Employee Development — a 15-hour program designed to empower apprentices to think like entrepreneurs.

How it Works

Submit an inquiry form and a staff member from NMITAP will contact you to discuss the process.

Our Department of Labor grant offers special financial incentives for hiring apprentices. Our staff can tell you more!

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