What type of occupations are in this apprenticeship?

There are 5 occupations in the program. The three currently available are Network Support, Computer Support Specialist, Applications Developer, Health Information. The occupation of Cyber Security and Medical Coding will be available later.

How long is the program and does the company need to hire the apprentice afterwards?

Generally, the program is a year but apprentices can move through faster depending upon when they reach the competencies. Employers are not required to hire apprentices after the program. However, we hope employers will be able to convert apprentices to regular employees.

What are the wages for the apprentices?

For each occupation, the wage would be a percentage of what a skilled individual makes in that occupation. When the apprentice reached the higher competency levels, the wage will increase. The grant cannot assist in paying the wages and salaries of apprentices. The grant will provide all of the related technical instruction for the apprentice and assist in training costs.

What reporting and documentation will an employer have to provide?

NMITAP will store and maintain all apprentice records. NMITAP will need proof that apprentices are attaining the competencies in the standards through an evaluation or assessment from the employer.

Are there restrictions on who can or cannot participate as an apprentice?

Students need to possess minimum qualifications before we consider them for the program. They must be 18 years or older, have legal authorization to work in the United States, and possess a GED or high school diploma. The program is available to anyone in New Mexico state. However, we are focusing in the Central NM area first.

How does this program save the company money?

The employer would be paying the apprentice a percentage of what a skilled full timed individual on average makes for that occupation and save on salary costs. Funds in the grant will assist apprentices in their classroom instruction and costs of nationally recognized certifications as well as assisting the employer with their related costs to mentoring of apprentices. An employer can utilize this grant as well as JTIP or WIOA funds.

Do we need to provide benefits to the apprentice?

Yes, employers would need to provide benefits since they are full time employees.

Are employers required to give paid time during work hours for the apprentice to complete classwork?

The employer can choose whether or not they want to pay apprentices for completion of classwork or classroom instruction during work hours.

Are there disciplinary actions for apprentices?

Disciplinary action would be up to the employer since New Mexico is an at will state. Employers would follow their procedure if apprentices are not meeting the company requirements. NMITAP will keep in contact with both the apprentice and employer for updates or issues.

Can the employer refer or upskill their work force?

Yes, the employer can refer an employee or upskill their own workforce.

What is the process for hiring an apprentice?

Applications are on a rolling basis and hiring depends upon employer needs and available positions. After NMITAP provides the company with an apprentice, there is a 90-day probationary period. The employer may have separate requirements such as a drug test before they can hire a new employee. Employers can request or accept as many apprentices as they wish to meet their workforce needs. Employers can contact the NMITAP staff by phone or online if there are any problems. The mentor to apprentice ratio is 1 to 3 (will vary depending upon how many apprentices will be working for the employer).