Which occupations are offered in this program?

The occupations available are Network Support Technician, Computer Support Specialist, Applications Developer, Medical Coder and Cyber Security Support Technician.

What are the minimum qualifications for this program?

The minimum qualification for the program are applicants must be:
-Legally authorized to work in the United States
-Must be at least 18 years’ old
-Possess a high school diploma, GED, or transcripts from a higher education institution.
-Be able to perform the essential job functions, with or without reasonable accommodation

Can I apply if I live out of state?


What are the minimum qualifications for this program?

After an applicant submits all required documents and Work keys scores, NMITAP will send your resume to employers hiring apprentices. The company will then contact the applicant and notify NMITAP if chosen for an interview.

Typically, how long is this program?

The apprenticeships are generally a year. Employment is full time (at least 32 hours)  unless there is a disability or work restrictions with a doctor’s note. Apprentices must complete all On the Job Training (OJT) and Related Technical Instruction (RTI) before the completion of the apprenticeship program.

Will there be an orientation when I am placed with an employer?

Before placement of an apprentice with an employer, each will attend an orientation. This orientation is required as apprentices will be informed of the policies and procedures as well as what is expected of them during the program. In addition, apprentices will receive a copy of the NMITAP Policies and Procedures Handbook.

When will I be placed with an employer?

Your placement with an employer may happen fairly quickly or it could take up to 2 years. You are not guaranteed a placement with an employer because you complete the application process and interview. This is due to employer open positions.

What classes will I be taking and which certifications can I receive through NMITAP?

Computer Support:
CIS 1410- Hardware and Software- CompTIA A+
CIS 1610- Configuring Windows Client
CIS 1415- Network Essentials- Network+
Certification: CompTIA A+ and Network+

Network Support:
CIS 1425- Network Technologies
CIS 2420- Basic Router Configuration
CIS 2423- Local Area Network Management
CIS 2425- Wide Area Network Management
Certification: Cisco CCNA and CCENT

Applications Developer:
CIS 2520- Intro SQL
CIS 1275- C++ Programming
CIS 1280- Net I/C#
CIS 1730- JavaScript Web Programming
Certification: CIW Database Design Specialist and CIW JavaScript Specialist

Cyber Security Support:
Frontloaded Classes:
CIS 1410- IT Essentials I
CIS 1415- IT Essentials II
CIS 1250- Python OR CIS 1275- C++ Programming
CIS 2670- Computer Security Plus
CIS 2853- Network Defense Basics
Certification: Security+

Medical Coder:
Frontloaded Classes:
HIT 1020- Medical Terminology and Anatomy
BIO 1310- Human Anatomy and Physiology for Non-Majors
HIT 1015- Introduction to Coding HIT
HIT 1240- Principles of Disease
HIT 2010- Classification to Diseases I
HIT 2020- Classification of Diseases II
HIT 2030- CPT Coding
Certification: CPC-A

All apprentices take a 15-hour class for NMITAP that is self-paced and completely online. Applicants will receive credit if they have taken classes prior to the start of the program. Please note if you have MORE than 50 percent of the required classes for NMITAP, you may not be eligible for certain occupations in this apprenticeship.

Apprentices can only take NMITAP classes. NMITAP enrolls you in the class and pays all expenses related to the course.

What is the class attendance policy?

Apprentices are expected to attend all classes as required by the instructor and CNM academic calendar and follow the attendance policy in the policies and procedures handbook.

What is the work attendance policy?

Apprentices are expected to show up to work for all assigned days and shifts. Apprentices are also expected and required to abide by the attendance policies and expectations of the employer. Apprentices are allowed to take sick and vacation time as permitted by the employer’s approved leave policy.

Will I still receive financial aid while in the program?

NMITAP apprentices are NOT eligible to receive financial aid when you are in this apprenticeship program because they are NOT full time students. NMITAP pays all educational costs during the apprenticeship.

Will I receive any pay increases and how is the OJT structured?

Apprentices receive no less than 2 raises during the apprenticeship. Apprentices will receive on-the-job training and have a mentor to oversee their progress. The on-the-job training is structured by the competencies in the NMITAP standards. The mentor is with the employer company and has expertise in the field. The competencies are the tasks and skills you will learn throughout the apprenticeship.

Are there any Coaches that help the apprentices in this program?

A Career and Achievement Coach are both available to discuss any job or educational goals with applicants and apprentices.