What do I do if my employer closes?

Your employer is making decisions to keep you safe. As an employee you should follow the directions provided about your employer. If your working hours or job responsibilities drastically change send a brief e-mail to dmoore54@cnm.edu to let the NMITAP team know of the changes. We understand you have more questions than answers and do not expect you to have dates to return to
your apprenticeship work. Just a quick e-mail checking in and letting us know your job has shifted is fine. Our work has shifted as well and we understand.

My classes for my related technical instruction have been moved on-line or canceled. What do I do?

Most classes have been moved on-line or suspended for the next several weeks. If your class(es) are now on-line or have been on-line follow the directions given by the instructor. If you struggle with internet access at home visit with your employer to see if you can spend time on
your class work during your work schedule. If you are not working or still need assistance with internet access, please e-mail dmoore54@cnm.edu. There are several options we can offer.

How will this impact my completion of the apprenticeship program?

We will evaluate each apprentice once work hours start to return to a normal work week and once classroom instruction has been updated for future classes. The guess currently is to start to evaluate in June in preparation for the fall instruction. This timeline will remain flexible during this time of change. Most important is that you stay safe and know that CNM will work hard to help you complete your apprenticeship.